The Biscuit Boys

Section 1000

The Army

As the majority of this site refers to the Royal Berkshire Regiment in the Great War, we need to understand the context into which the Regiment fitted. This part deals with the Army in general and covers general topics that were specifically pertinent to its part in the Great War. In many cases the heading leads you to another site where the topic is explored in more depth or points to the section of this site where there is relevance to the Great War.

In the list below the section number within the site is shown, preceded by x to indicate that a pdf document is in place, n to indicate that a page has not yet been produced and p to indicate that a webpage has been created.

We start with:-

x1060 A Brief History of the Army

The organisation of the Army

n1041 Ranks and roles
x1042 Army Organisations
n1043 Army Records
n1044 Military Discipline
n1045 Reserves
x1080 The Territorial Army
x1046 Colours and Battle Honours
n1047 Tactics and Strategy
x1048 Numbering
x1049 Demobilization and Discharge


n1102 The Supply Train
n1103 Weapons
n1104 Equipment
n1105 Uniforms and clothing
n1106 Ammunition
n1107 Food and Rations


n1201 Injuries and sickness
x1166 The RAMC and Nursing Services
n1203 The Red Cross
n1204 Medical Supplies

Prisoners of War

p1351 The Geneva Convention
n1352 Capture and interrogation
n1353 Prison Camps
n1354 Repatriation and Debriefing

Awards and Medals

n1401 Gallantry Medals
n1402 Campaign Medals
n1403 Service Awards
n1404 Foreign Awards
n1405 Other Awards


x1360 The CWGC
x1361 Cemeteries and Burials
x1362 CWGC Monuments
p1363 Local Memorials
p1364 Family Memorials

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