The Biscuit Boys

Section 8000

After the Great War
This page will follow up Berkshire's military history after The Great War and route you to a variety of sections as follows:-

8360 War Memorials

Many communities set up war memorials to men from their area who died in the Boer War and generally these are the first to list ordinary soldiers. There had been, and still are, memorials erected by families to commemorate family members who served; but it was the aftermath of the Great War which saw almost every town, village and church set up a memorial to its sons. At the same time the Imperial (later Commonwealth) War Graves Commission was charged with commemorating every military person who died with either a grave headstone or on a memorial if his place of burial was not known. Their charge was extended to the Second World War later.

8065 The Royal Berkshire Regiment`1920-1939

Between the wars the Royal Berkshire Regiment continued the tradition of soldiering to protect the Empire.

8066 The Royal Berkshire Regiment in WW2

8067 The Royal Berkshire Regiment 1946-1959

8068 The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment 1959-1992

8069 The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment 1992-2006

8130 The Rifles 2006-date

8086 The Berkshire Yeomanry

8131 Other Regiments based in Berkshire

8132 The Air Force in Berkshire

8133 Berkshiremen in Other Services

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